Month: December 2014

PAI – Giving the characters some character

Data is Nice and all, but…

Last time I talked about the data formats that were forming part of the core of Interrogative, and how that opened up a lot of ground for me in terms of bringing new features to bear. This time, let’s talk about our NPCs’ personalities

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Interrogative 3.0 – Just the facts, and maybe a bit more…

On Data…

Previously, I talked about some very generic things regarding Interrogative 3 that I wanted to accomplish. Specifically, I wanted to make the dialog more procedurally generated, and to be able to access data that could be updated or “live”. With the previous versions of Interrogative, the problem was that most dialog that the NPC had to say was written by a writer. A sentence like “Old Farmer Johnson is a jerk” was written manually, and was basically static data. If you wanted more opinions on Old Farmer Johnson, you had to type them in.

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Interrogative 3.0: Why the Conversation Focus?

NPCs have to talk…

Some time has passed since I first wrote Interrogative 2.0, and I’ve learned some things since then. The first is that people might be interested in such a thing as a product. The second is that it’s capable of so much more than what I had originally made it do. Another thing I’ve learned about is semantic data, which involves triples that allow me to work with data with more flexibility, but that sort of thing will be displayed in future blogs. Something that you might want to know about is why I focus so much on conversation, when that’s obviously just a feature being driven by personality traits that are driving AI.

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Interrogative: The Need for Better Characters

A New Focus

BablBrain represents a focus on AI, gameplay, and procedural content for online gaming. I’ll be doing a lot of blogging about the newest version of an AI technology I call Interrogative, as well as taking some tangents to talk about things like procedural content generation and some subjects to do with game mechanics.

There’s a lot to talk about regarding Interrogative 3 and its possibilities- but first, a trip down memory lane…

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