Month: January 2015

PAI – The case for Jekyll and Hyde

They, who are not what they seem…

This week, I’m talking about personalities that are not what they seem, and Jekyll and Hyde is one of the best examples. A mild-mannered man (Dr Jekyll) drinks a potion that turns him into a sociopath known as Mr Hyde (read the plot here), and though they are one and the same person, their personalities are completely different. Another example, from the real world this time, would be serial killers who manage to live double lives. Some were even pillars of the community, caught only when they got sloppy, and shocking everyone around them.

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Merry New Year!

Nothing much to report this week, except that a combination of the holidays and a cold means that I spent way more time on the couch than I should have. That, and I’ll be roaming the halls of GDC 2015 this year.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a good game development conference, and GDC is definitely the best of them- if you haven’t gone, it’s highly recommended. I’ll be attending most of the talks of the AI Summit, and hoping to learn a lot and apply that to Interrogative 3, as well as to game development in general. Also- since when does San Francisco have so many crappy hotels with shared bathrooms? Did they just give up on offering nice accommodations unless it was over a hundred bucks a night? I found a “normal” hotel for a non-horrible price, but damn, I had to look a lot harder to find one.

Also, for those getting here via the domain, that will be going away in the next few months in favor of the new domain (which already points here, so you can bookmark that, if you are so inclined). Having had DigitalFlux for so long, it’s going to a take a while to change everything I use over to the new email domain, so there’s very little rush in that. Seems a bit odd to be letting the old name go and starting over from scratch, after so much time, but sometimes you have to start over to make progress, even if the starting-over is more symbolic.

Okay, time to get back to work…

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