About Me…

My name’s Ted Southard, and I’m a game development contractor/indie/guy who slaps his keyboard randomly and howls like a monkey. I worked in IT for about 12 years before the Great Recession helped me decide to change careers to something I like better than explaining to people that CD drives are not cup holders (I actually had that conversationĀ once). Now, I work on AI and do contracting for game and app development. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in employing my services.


The following languages and technology are supported, and if a client needs it, I’ll just up and learn stuff:

  • Unity3D
  • Torque3D
  • Torque2D
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • AS3/Flash/AIR
  • HTML5/Javascript
  • PHP
  • AWS EC2/S3
  • VB (ewwww!)
  • SmartFox Server, uLink
  • Gameplay, networking, procedural content, AI, etc.

Past Work

I’ve done programming for a few games, and more than a few tools, over the years. Some of the things I’ve made or contributed to include:

  • InsightNG: UX Programmer. Started as Unity3D/SmartFox Server, and then we switched to HTML5/JS. Go check it out!

  • DodgeBots!: Lead Programmer. Wrote the game, and then wrote backend apps for the servers so that we could manage the Unity3D game servers on Amazon EC2 instances (and scale for traffic). Unfortunately, we didn’t gain traction, so the game was shut down šŸ™


  • Spirit of Exploration: Educational project demo made using Torque 3D, with some HTML/PHP and database work. Also wroteĀ backend apps for content creation for the parametric levels used in the game.


  • Epic Frontiers: An MMORPG demo created using Torque 3D, MySQL, and a few custom apps, because I like MMOs so much that I made one (at least, the beginnings of one- it was self-funded). The AI featured in it is becoming the basis of the AI work on this site. I ran this on AWS EC2 servers after moving it from my desktop.


  • Critical Mass: Reverse-Asteroids type shooter I created in Flash with Flixel to try some smaller game ideas and get some experience with the Facebook API.


  • TunnelBreaker: A small 2D game I made to get used to Torque2D’s workflow.


  • Magnitude Editor: When I had worked on the Epic Frontiers project, I found myself doing a lot of tedious listing of items whose names were permutations. That’s a mainstay of MMO inventories, so I created an app to help deal with creating those lists faster. Built it in Flash for cross-platform compatibility.


  • trueSpace plugins: This is how I got really got started with coding. C++ plugins for the trueSpace 3D art program. Made a fair bit of money from it as well! Products pictured below are (in order): trueScape (heightfield editing), trueGrass (parametric grass and placement engine), Map Exporter (creatively-named exporter from trueSpace to Torque 3D engine), edgeTurn (there was no edge-turning function), and edgeExtrude (which allowed you to extrude edges, though trueSpace could have handled that better). If you haven’t heard of trueSpace, that’s because it sold to Microsoft and then got shut down some time later. A pity- those icons had grown on me…

screen4 tg12 me03 etstep3 edgextrude01