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Lying and bad memory for your NPCs

People tell lies all of the time…

We’ve all told lies. From when you were a little kid trying to avoid punishment to the other day…when you were trying to avoid punishment. Lying is mostly about avoiding something that is harder. Avoiding judgement, punishment, awkward conversations, or more serious confrontations. Lies have a good deal of utility. Manipulating the knowledge you have can gain you an advantage over others, or mitigate certain circumstances. It is so prevalent in human society that most religious, cultural, and political power structures have varying amounts of laws, rules, and norms dedicated to when and why it is appropriate or inappropriate to lie.

Obviously, if we’re working on a conversational AI, we’re going to want to look at this behavior!

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Melting and congealing: My brain on GDC…

I’m Fried from GDC…

GDC is always a good time, and it never fails to absolutely liquefy the wrinkly organ between my ears for at least a couple of days afterwards as my neurons rearrange themselves to integrate everything I’ve absorbed. Having Daylight Savings Time occur a day after I get back and before I’ve dealt with the jet-lag is not helping me with that task. Suffice it to say that GDC and the AI Summit were great, as were the sessions I attending for things like morality and characters in the Narrative Summit (because Personality-based AI makes morality topical!), and procedural content generation talks such as that given by Esri for their CityEngine tech. That, and seeing all the guys and girls I usually only get to see once a year at GDC and trade brain cells with, which is always a hoot.

Also, I gave a few demos of Interrogative…

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Touchy subjects, Opinions, and other things getting thrown into Interrogative 3

Whew! Just closed out the 0.8 milestone for Interrogative 3 this weekend, and I only had one task carry over into the next milestone. There’s a really good reason for that happening, too, but first, a few tidbits on what got added during this milestone, since the last week or two have been quiet…

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PAI – The case for Jekyll and Hyde

They, who are not what they seem…

This week, I’m talking about personalities that are not what they seem, and Jekyll and Hyde is one of the best examples. A mild-mannered man (Dr Jekyll) drinks a potion that turns him into a sociopath known as Mr Hyde (read the plot here), and though they are one and the same person, their personalities are completely different. Another example, from the real world this time, would be serial killers who manage to live double lives. Some were even pillars of the community, caught only when they got sloppy, and shocking everyone around them.

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Interrogative: The Need for Better Characters

A New Focus

BablBrain represents a focus on AI, gameplay, and procedural content for online gaming. I’ll be doing a lot of blogging about the newest version of an AI technology I call Interrogative, as well as taking some tangents to talk about things like procedural content generation and some subjects to do with game mechanics.

There’s a lot to talk about regarding Interrogative 3 and its possibilities- but first, a trip down memory lane…

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